Applications for Essential Oils and Fragrant Oils

There are many ways to apply Essential Oils:

Add a couple of drops of Essential Oils on a cloth wrap around your neck. ( Try a small amount on your skin first to make sure you do not have a reaction).

In your humidifier a couple of drops of Essential Oils does wonders.

You could put a few drops of Essential Oils on the floor of your car ( just put a small amount first to make sure it does not Stain).

While the inhalation of Essential Oils isn’t dangerous for most healthy adults, unregulated essential oils can contain potentially harmful contaminants. So always seek Medical advise before using. Our Essential Oils have NO carrier Oil added. Please call if you would like us to add a carrier oil to them.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils are concentrated volatile aromas, when smelt which alerts the brain’s limbic system that controls smell, behavior and emotions. Essential Oils can have stimulating effects or a calming one. So Please always talk to your health provider to get informed.

A great way to absorb essential oils through the nose is through vapor inhalation.  Simply add a few drops of the Essential Oil into warm water, place a towel over your head and breathe the oils.

Getting a massage is not only a great way to absorb the Essential Oils, but is one of the most popular aroma-therapies.  Using different Essential Oils can affect different parts of your body.  For example: Lavender Essential Oil can relax you.

Warming Oils:

Essential Oils and Fragrant Oils brings so much aroma in the air. When it comes to Warmers there are all kinds to burn/warm Essential Oils and Fragrant Oils. Touch Electric warmers, dimmer switch warmers, Plug ins, Diffusers and mirror base warmers and many more. They all work with a small light bulb which heats up your Essential Oils and your Fragrant Oils, and the aromas begin.