Replacement Light Bulbs

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Replacement Light Bulbs for Electric Warmers

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Replacement Light Bulbs for Electric Warmers

Accessories are great with Fragrance Oils. You are able to use your fragrance oils are car fresheners, with spray lids, droppers and lots of other things. Accessories make using fragrance oils fun because you are able to customize your warmers any way you want to. You will have different top dishes to change the design of the warmer. If you have a red warmer but want a blue top dish you can. If you have a clear warmer and a green top dish but want your light to shine a green color too you can do this also. Simply place a green tube over the light bulb and watch out the color instantly changes.

The possibilities are endless and your imagination can run wild with all the different colors. This accessories is a Replacement Light Bulbs

There are so many different kinds of accessories. For example, there are car fresheners, extra dishes. Different size dishes and different style of dishes. There are also droppers to help you pour the oil into your dish and extra light bulbs to replace burnt out ones with.

KC’s Home Fragrances has special cases that you can carry your oils in. The great thing about accessories is that they don’t stop with the Replacement Light Bulbs, they go with everything that you can use aromatherapy for. We have extra motors for your misters, extra top plates for your misters in case yours broke. When it comes to the Reed oils we have extra reeds to fit your decor. We have a tan color, a green color and a red color.

Do you need extra empty bottles to mix your oils with; we have those too. If you need a new accessory simply think of KC’s Home Fragrances we have you covered. Accessories

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