Replacement Mister Charger

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A Replacement Mister Charger is great. If you need to replace the connection part that plugs into your electrical outlet, simply unplug the old one and reconnect the new one.  These chargers will connect to the LED motor that creates the mist for the mister itself.

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Replacement Mister Charger simple to assemble. Add water and watch the mist begin. Simply add your fragrance oil or essential oil right into the water and enjoy your fragrance.

Replacement Mister Charger Mist Fountain is a great diffuser, mister, humidifier, therefore, it is designed with a black floor base as well as 2 separate blown glass tops. It has LED Lights that are attached to the silver motor. Now place the silver motor inside at the bottom of the black bowl. In addition, Place the black wire through the pre-drilled hole in the bowl. There is a small rubber piece to plug the hole. Now lets build the small white plastic stand. When building this stand put one white circle on the bottom of the bowl. Insert each small plastic stick into holes of the white circle. After this place the other white circle on the stop of the 3 white sticks.

After that add water inside the bowl. Fill water to the fill line. In addition you want to put the small glass dome back on top of the small white circle. Now it is time to plug in your electrical wire into an electrical outlet. The lights and mist automatically start. Black Floor Stand Mist Fountain is good for all kinds of things. If you simply like to add a small amount of moisture into the air or if you want to diffuse a fragrance or essential oil.

In conclusion this blown glass design the water is able to spread around the whole bowl which allows the moisture to travel to a larger space. The LED Lights shine beautifully. You can not only put fragrance oils into the misters you can also put essential oils into them. The Black Floor Stand Mist Fountain diffuser will allow your favorite aroma to move throughout your home.  Misters

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