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This is a great diffuser. It is specifically designed with a wood base and a separate glass top.

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Fountain is a great diffuser. It is specifically designed with a brown base and a separate blownglass top. It also has an LED light. Once you take the top blown glass part off; take the top plastic piece off as well. Here you want to place water inside this part of the Fountain diffuser. Once the water is filled to the fill line you want to put the top back on top of the base. There are two separate small buttons to push. The first button will allow you to turn on the LED lights. On the Fountain diffuser the lights will allow you to see multiple colors shine through the water. You are also able to push the button a second time and see a solid white light.

You can use the Fountain diffuser for all kinds of things. If you simply like to add a small amount of moisture into the air or if you want to diffuse a fragrance or essential oil.

With this blown glass design the water is pushed up through the center. The LED Lights shine beautifully. You can not only put fragrance oils into the diffusers you can also put essential oils into them. The Fountain diffuser will allow your favorite aroma to move throughout your home.  Diffusers

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