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Enjoy your Balance using Cleansing Sage. Cleansing sage is great for new homes or clearing out negative energy. Simply light the tip let it burn down a little and smudge out the flame while still allowing the embers to glow.

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What is Cleansing Sage good for? Sage is an herb with different promising benefits. It is high in antioxidants and may help support heath. Sage can help aid your brain. Sage is also known to help with lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels. If you like burning candles Cleansing Sage will work as well.

Meanwhile, set an intention for your Cleansing Sage. When you light the tip of your Sage you want it to burn down a little. Once it has burned for a little bit smudge out the flame. Smudge? What is this? You will want to use an Abalone Shell with some clean fresh earth. Once you have your fresh earth then use it to slowly put out the flame. However, you want to make sure you are still able to see the embers glowing. Essential Oils

You can cleanse different parts of your body or your home with Cleaning Sage. If you want to cleanse yourself. First, use your hands to wave the smoke into your heart, over your had and down your font and back body. In addition, you can cleanse your home. To cleanse your home with Cleansing Sage your want to smudge your home. Smudging your home is also known as staging your home. To stage your home simply find the places where you fill has the most negative energy that you will need to work.

Sage is great for many different things. To name a few. First, to set a new intention for your home. Second, remove negative energy. Third, cleanse out any negativity.

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