Cotton Candy Charcoal Incense

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This sugary sweet cotton candy scented charcoal incense comes in sets of 10 and is quite easy to use! Simply light the tip of the incense and let the flame burn for around 20 seconds before blowing the flame out. Our charcoal wrapped incense will give you more fragrance and a continuous burn unlike the wood incense. Try one and you will never want to use another incense again!


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Cotton Candy Charcoal Incense is out of this world! One of the top selling incense. A very fresh and light blend. Cotton Candy is indeed a the best. You can use this charcoal incense in plants, incense burners or simply on a ceramic plate. Incense

Cotton Candy charcoal incense is great and once lite will burn for approximately 60 minutes. What space coverage, you ask? If left in an open area it has the possibility to cover close to a 150 square foot range.

You can also use charcoal incense in your car. Simply take an incense, cut it up into 4 pieces. Put the pieces into a small bag and place in your car under your seat. This will allow the fragrance to evaporate throughout your vehicle. At this point it will be according to how strong you like the fragrance throughout your home and or car.

Cotton Candy Charcoal Incense is great for any setting. Furthermore, they are very user friendly and smell amazing. Cotton Candy is specifically great because it has a very vanilla and caramel, very fresh and light blend scent. In other words, its great for small rooms and large rooms. Incense is great to relax and simply enjoy the fragrance.  Charcoal Incense

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